There sometimes I asked myself,
“Do I have friends called good friends?”, or
“Do I make good friends?” or
“What good I have towards my friends?”

There is a saying as to being and having a friend like: “to have a good person as your friend, you need to be one good person first. If you are lucky enough, you eventually will find one around. However, if you don’t find somebody, you already have it within you yourself.”

me myself

Hereby, I will tell myself about some friends who inspired me to good things and thought that I kept in my mind. I want to keep reminding myself that I have those people _ you know, ordinary people, not solely famous one whom inspiring_ in my life. Well, some of them I am about to tell about are not actually friends or we used to be best buddies. I have got to make them anonymous to keep it mysterious. How I like that? Should I give an icon to each person as representation? Or nickname?

Friend 1
A calm person.

Friend 2
an ambitious yet persistent and well-organized figure.

Friend 3
a sly creature.

Friend 4
called it “a sea shells”

Friend 5
a stranger.

Friend 6
a tracer.

Alright, should I stop with nickname first.

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