Black hole

I was reading an episode of Distant Sky on Webtoon, the darkness depicted by the author reminded me to a movie entitled City of Ember.

Then, I realized something else when I checked it out. The ‘Lina’ girl is Saoirse Ronan. Fyi, I saw Little Woman, I haven’t written its review yet, stuck in the draft.

To bee or not to bee

Black and Yellow!

This movie particularly reminds me to the honey I bought every honey season from where I work, I don’t work on an apiary, tho. I want to watch this film with my students in class one day, maybe after this locking phase or two-week-staying-at-home phase.

During the honey harvest season, some of my students help their parents to collect honeycombs from trees in the forest. They harvest and sell original honey directly from nature. Imagine how much damage for the honeycombs they caused in every honey season. The bees themselves are nomad wild bees, I guess.

Every honey season, bees were everywhere most of the day. I was once stung by a bee in the bathroom in the morning so that my palm was swollen. When I watched the scene when Adam stung the lawyer in the middle of the court session and as a result he lost his sting, I frowned. Maybe that also happened to the bee which stung me that morning. Poor both of us.

I’ll sting you, you step on me.

Barry, Bee Movie

They Sleep instead

I may not be a fan, but apparently I watch what Tilda Swinton stars in, especially if it’s a Zombie serial where she hold a samurai with her, a combo. It quite reminds me to Michonne.

Anyway, I can’t accept zombies drinking coffee as the first thing they find when they wake up at night. The opening is sort of … baffling, you know, involving the Earth, its rotation and axis, those animals running away or hiding, so creepy yet scientific, compared to The Walking Death opening as I recall.

Okay, this is kind of creepy comedy I guess. The last part concluded everything from the start. It wasn’t on the script, yeah. I can’t accept this kinda twisted plot, Imma cry.

Appreciate the detail.

Dean, The dead don’t die

Twisted Plots: revealed the suspects

So, the fake knife saved ‘the suspect’ at the end of the story.

I have just eventually finished watching Knives Out a moment ago. Unfortunately, I missed watching it on cinema although I did wanna see Captain America and James Bond together in a scene of detective movie. Therefore, tonight I decided to download the movie and watched it.

In fact, those stabs were from ‘those suspects’ respectively.

Conversely, I watched Hercule Poirot on Murder on the Orient Express on cinema. I couldn’t hold myself of seeing how Poirot was depicted on real scene, ain’t egg headed – balded man he was even though the mustache is real.

It felt real different watching those detective movies yet I got this almost similar perceiving on reviews. Both have pretty difficult plot twist that definitely deceived my narrow mind.

This is not to compare between Benoit Blanc and Hercule Poirot. I mean, who wanna be murdered by stabbed, whether it was at your lovely house filled with the whole family members or on the train full of strangers?

It’s something I had since I was a kid. It’s a physical thing that I… Just the thought of lying, yeah, it makes me puke.

Marta Carbrera, Knives Out