Back to school: first impressions

Wish I could describe my classroom meeting this way. We haven’t got back to school, yet. Teacher visit has been being exhausting, online learning didn’t run well. Students even can’t be touched via online easily. It’s despairing.

Sandy Millin

Last week was induction week for the 2020-2021 school year, and as with everything for everyone right now, it was different. Social distancing, masks, new ways of working.

But it wasn’t anywhere near as different as I thought it would be.

It was so lovely to hear the buzz of lots of people working in the school building again, for the first time since mid-March.

I forgot how much I enjoy writing on a whiteboard – that was a very satisfying feeling!

The meetings I ran involved me moving around to find a position where I could see everyone now they’re all arranged in rows, and I ended up standing up or perching with one knee on my chair (can’t work out how to describe it!) I also had to project my voice a little more to make up for the masks. But they felt pretty normal in terms of…

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School is off(line) part 3

The new school year of 2020/2021 has been running for a week since July 13, 2020. How is the school going on? Are we conducting new normal adaptation? Will we bring it from meeting to ‘meeting’?
While some schools have smoothly continued the online process, here we are struggling with an ineffective “Teacher Visit” way.

Had thought of a number of other methods as milling about in the Whatsapp groups, such as Local Classroom. However, I, for one, would like to have it modified, the name and the set up, become a "Consultation Classroom".

These all are intended to maintain the safety protocol. You know, like wearing a mask, keeping a distance, washing hands, and others.

Local classroom sets students of five, for instance, to gather study indoor or outdoor. I assume that students in groups will likely to only grab limited parts of teaching. They haven’t met for long time since the outbreak. So, gathering in any time with friends might be interefering.
Let’s say we held a study group outdoor in no time. It should have an impact on students at the same time. In my opinion, learning outdoor might give much more distraction to the learning itself. However, I’d like to have it a go somehow. Let’s put it like a private study class.

Compared it to consultation model in which a student will particularly have all the teacher’s attention. We can set a place as a consultation corner-like. We will set like three minutes or so for each student. What can we do within 3 minutes? We can correct previous tasks, give feed-back, hand over next tasks with brief explanation or instruction thoroughly. The teacher has the student’s focus to the fullest. It takes much time, indeed. Yet, it will be more effective. Can’t we do that in 3 minutes only? I mean, let’s set a timer there.

My school will not conduct “consultation classroom” or “local classroom”. We will continue that “teacher Visit”. My school is not at the red zone, tho.

The Free Dictionary by Farlex

I have just found out this terrific valuable FREE dictionary. I uninstalled the other English dictionary app on my device long ago when I still used my previous tab. Therefore, I have to go directly to the google translate anytime I need quick translation.

This recent app is no doubtful on it. I am surprised to find it’s completed with additional features more than merely a tool to looking up for words. However, this app is not for translating sentences in complete. It is suitable mostly to translate words and look up for idioms meaning.

I tried the features, for example grammar quiz, match up, mismatch, and spelling bee. Grammar quiz will direct the user to the topics explanatory. The topics are various and quite easy to self-learnt. It includes direct self-correction on grammar quiz. The students can score themselves independently. The rests are easy to catch as well. Mismatch and match up by colours are way too fun to be missed. Moreover, the dictionary displays word by word definition by the end. It is not solely playing such a game but also to digging up down to derivation of the words.

In my opinion, this app will fit basics need of language learner for beginner learners as my students. It is even helpful for independent-studying at home during outbreak.

I would gladly recommend this app to the students of mine when they are eventually able to connect to internet somehow.

Do you know any other FREE dictionary/language learning app recommended? Please share.